Post Docs and Students


The BESC Post Doc / Student council was formed prior to the 2010 BESC Science Retreat to coordinate Post Doc & Student events at the retreat. These events included a separate presentation session for highlighting work completed by Post Docs and Students and a networking session specifically for Post Doc & Student members of BESC.

During 2012 the Post Doc / Student events included a career enrichment webinar by Dr. Edna I. Gergel, Ph.D, a patent agent at ORNL, covering patent basics and a intellectual property overview. The 2012 retreat provided a question and answer session chaired by attending BESC Affiliates providing an opportunity for the post docs and students to interact with corporate members of BESC.

2012 BESC Post Doc / Student Council Members

Desalegn Serba, Noble; Breeanna Urbanowicz, UGA; Kelsey Yee, ORNL; Hui Shen, Noble; Hongjia Li, UC Riverside; Luis Escamilla-Trevino, Noble; Amandeep Sangha, ORNL

2011 BESC Post Doc / Student Council Members

Jacklyn De Martini, UCR; Heather McKenzie, UCR; Breeanna Urbanowicz, UGA, Luis Escamilla-Trevino, Noble, Hui Shen, Noble

Student Poster Contest

A student poster contest is conducted each year at the retreat for one student poster per focus area to receive a travel stipend to be used to a workshop or convention of their choice.

2012 Winners

FA1 - Zhangying Hao (UGA); FA2 - Jennifer Takasumi (UCLA); FA3 - Hongjia Li (UC-Riverside)

2011 Winners

FA1 - Rachel Adams (ORNL); FA2 - Jessica Linville (UT); FA3 - Yun Lee, (GTECH); People's Choice Award - Viviana Martinez (UGA)

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A scrapbook of BESC Alumni showcasing their accomplishments after BESC