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As new inventions are disclosed from BESC researchers, we will post information about the inventions on this webpage. Use the search engine below to match your technology needs with BESC disclosures or view all technologies in a particular category by clicking on the category below.

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Adams, Michael A (2 Inventions)
Albersheim, Ivana G. (1 Invention)
Backe, Jason (1 Invention)
Bar-Peled, Maor (1 Invention)
Bhave, Ramesh R (2 Inventions)
Biswal, Ajaya (2 Inventions)
Brown, Steve (1 Invention)
Brunecky, Roman (1 Invention)
Chen, Fang (2 Inventions)
Cheng, Max (1 Invention)
Chung, DaeHwan (1 Invention)
Craven, Kelly (1 Invention)
Davison, Brian (3 Inventions)
Dixon, Richard A (3 Inventions)
Elkins, James (1 Invention)
Engle, Nancy (1 Invention)
Farkas, Joel A (1 Invention)
Guss, Adam (1 Invention)
Hahn, Michael (1 Invention)
Hamilton-Brehm, Scott (1 Invention)
Hao, Zhangying A. (1 Invention)
Himmel, Michael (1 Invention)
Huddleston, Jennifer (1 Invention)
Hunt, Kimberly D. (1 Invention)
Kataeva, Irina (3 Inventions)
Keller, Martin (2 Inventions)
Li, Yongchao (1 Invention)
Lynd, Lee (4 Inventions)
Mann, David (1 Invention)

Mielenz, Jonathan (2 Inventions)
Mohanty, Sushree P. (1 Invention)
Mohnen, Debra (3 Inventions)
Narula, Chaitanya K (1 Invention)
O'Neill, Malcolm A (1 Invention)
Passian, Ali (2 Inventions)
Pattathil, Sivakumar (2 Inventions)
Pena, Maria (1 Invention)
Peng, Yanhui (1 Invention)
Pu, Yunqiao (1 Invention)
Ragauskas, Art (1 Invention)
Shao, Xiongjun (2 Inventions)
Shen, Hui (1 Invention)
Standaert, Robert F (1 Invention)
Stewart, Neal (4 Inventions)
Tetard, Laurene (2 Inventions)
Thundat, Thomas (2 Inventions)
Tschaplinski, Timothy J (1 Invention)
Udvardi, Michael (1 Invention)
Urbanowicz, Breeanna (1 Invention)
Wang, Huanzhong (1 Invention)
Wang, Zeng-Yu (1 Invention)
Westpheling, Janet (2 Inventions)
Yang, Ting (1 Invention)
Yang, Yunfeng (1 Invention)
Ye, Xia (1 Invention)
York, William S. (2 Inventions)
Zhang, Y.H. Percival (1 Invention)