BESC Inventions

The effective translation of BESC research results into applications testing and potential deployment is an implicit part of reaching DOE’s bioenergy goals. The BESC member institutions recognize that a common strategy is important to the success of BESC. To promote the commercialization of new technologies, our plan is to:

  • Maintain a single portal for information about available technologies. This web site features inventions and commercial opportunities in addition to the information content related to the research program
  • Provide a single point of contact for the licensing of new BESC inventions on behalf of our team (contact
  • Periodically Host a “BioEnergy Nexus” venture forum
  • Provide opportunity for research institutions and private companies to become “BESC Affiliates

The results of the BESC research program will be widely and promptly disseminated, with a goal of maximizing the impact of the research and its long-term benefit to the United States and to society. Even when we decide to file patents we intend for the information about our research to be widely and promptly disseminated.

In order to induce commercial development of BESC technologies and maximize the impact of the research, we will consider exclusive licensing. It will be important to note that any license of BESC inventions will include fees, royalties and provisions for diligent development of products.