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Identification of a Novel Promoter for Tissue Culture Transformation

Researchers at the University of Tennessee have discovered a method to induce strong expression of any gene conferring resistance to pathogens, herbicides, salt, cold, drought, or insects by using two newly identified and recently characterized switchgrass promoters. These promoters stimulate constitutive expression with 2x and 4x greater activity than maize ubiquitin 1 (ZmUbi1) and CaMV 35S, respectively, driving gene expression in all tissues and organs of switchgrass. These novel components have the potential to be integrated into all monocot transformation systems, especially where multiple gene activation is needed. Interestingly, these promoters have a broad spectrum of taxonomic activity with additional expression capabilities in other monocots, dicots and ferns.


ID: UT9058

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  • University of Tennessee
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For more information about this technology, please contact Maha Krishnamurthy at University of Tennessee Research Foundation.

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