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Mode-synthesizing Atomic Force Microscopy (MSAFM) and Mode-Synthesizing Sensing (MSS)

The invention allows for the physical/mechanical, and chemical, nanoscale features of various material samples to be measured. The invention provides nanoscale surface as well as subsurface information. With high resolution, the subsurface material such as embedded nanoparticles or other material inhomogeneities can be resolved with a resolution comparable to other existing atomic force microscopy-based approaches.


ID: ID 2253

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  • Available For Licensing
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  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • University of Tennessee
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ID 2253: Mode-synthesizing  Atomic Force Microscopy (MSAFM) and Mode-Synthesizing Sensing (MSS)

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For more information about this technology, please contact Brian Davison at Oak Ridge, TN.

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